student film makers caught up in two worlds both are lived by them
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 funny short film 03

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PostSubject: funny short film 03   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:38 pm

jh sketch

< Comments > : jonah hill is a japanese samurai in a campus talk show

click here or copy/paste

charlie's play

< Comments > : the gang made a broadway play of the 'nightman cometh' ... notice the pronunciation of the troll of "boy's hole" instead of "boy's soul"

click here or copy/paste

rent too damn high

< Comments > : kenan portrays the 'rent too damn high' party representative

click here or copy/paste

to watch the video, also click here and install the vlc player

-- < tv show > always sunny in philadelphia and saturday night live

-- all short films are also playable in DVD player with usb sockets

-- for more funny short films click here --

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funny short film 03
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